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Exhibition stand, showroom, pop-up store, roadshow, display solutions, shop or office interior. Exponordia designs and builds sustainable, professional exhibition solutions that builds your brand and give the right conditions in the meeting with your customers.

We handle the entire chain from idea, design, production, logistics, assembly, disassembly and storage. With extensive experience from both the production and customer side, we know how important quality and delivery security are for you as a customer.

We are located in the center of the East Sweden business region with logistical proximity to both Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. We build brand environments all over Scandinavia and Europe and are happy to help you develop an idea for how your brand can be built according to your needs.


Digital spridning

Client cases

Film, 3D & Graphic design

Exponordia designs and produces creative content that communicates clear messages and builds your brand. Whether it is to be published on a high-resolution LED wall or in a mobile. We deliver everything from visual design and film production to info graphics, animations and 3D visualizations.

Film can be an effective and engaging component of a stand at events or fairs. It can help attract visitors, communicate your message, create memorable experiences and differentiate your stand from the competition. However, it is important to think carefully about choosing and producing the film to ensure that it fits well with your stand and helps achieve your goals for the event.

Strategic communication

With a well-thought-out strategy for how, and with what messages you should process your target groups, the probability of achieving designated goals and business value increases.

We at Exponordia have extensive experience in marketing communication and help you strategically to find the right message and link the right associations to your specific brand.


Sustainability an important aspect of stand production and may include the choice of sustainable materials, energy efficiency, waste management, sustainable transport, life cycle analysis and reuse/recycling of stand elements. Integrating sustainability aspects into stand production can help reduce the environmental impact and promote a more sustainable approach to events and fairs.

Erik Nellmark

Project Manager / Partner
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Project Manager / Partner
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Project Manager / Consultant
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